An elderly or visually impaired user can wear our smart glasses like normal eyeglasses, and our backend staff can see things from the viewpoint of the user and provide instant support.

With our technology, instant video and audio signals can be transmitted through the internet to our backend staff. These backend staff can work at the call centre of our collaborator or at home. As mentioned above, only limited skills are required for people to perform the job well. Therefore, disabled or undereducated people can earn a living in the call centre or even at home.

We will provide real-time video call function in our mobile app. Registered visually impaired users can be connected to a volunteer through the real-time video call. When the visually impaired person needs help, they can make a call and a group of volunteers will receive notifications of the call.  Available volunteers can choose to answer the call and the first volunteer who takes the call will be connected to the visually impaired user. They can communicate with each other by voice and therefore the volunteer can provide real-time visual assistance to the visually impaired user. This service is supported by volunteers and so it is free. As for the volunteers, their service hours will be automatically counted.


Mobile App - WeVoice+

Smart Glasses